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Fast delivery

Always quick delivery and no postponement of agreed deadlines.

High quality

All of our linguists are experienced translators, are all specialists in one or more subject areas and only translate into their native language.

Price Guarantee

We offer a price guarantee and match the price if you get a better offer for translation from one of our competitors.

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LingoBob er et oversættelsesbureau, hvor Johannes er projektleder og marketingansvarlig, mens Mads er direktør og ejer af LingoBob.
Marie Høybye, CMO, Tabellae
We are happy with LingoBob and experience both high quality and very fast service.Tabellaes hjemmeside
Rebecca Højgaard Jebjerg, Marketing Manager & PA, Efsen

LingoBob was a great support, when helping us with the translation of our website. Great service, communication and professionalism from start to finish. The result was of excellent quality and on time. We can therefore highly recommend LingoBob.Efsens hjemmeside
QleanAir, Helena Hjort, Marketing Project Manager
We have been working with LingoBob for a few years now and have received invaluable help with many different translation projects, from translating all our marketing materials to translating a new website into many different languages. We have built up a smooth process together, and LingoBob knows our needs very well. We truly appreciate the excellent and dedicated service we receive from the team at LingoBob, and the fact that we can always count on great delivery, even when the deadlines have been tight.QleanAirs hjemmeside
Colas, Lisbeth Volf, Head of Communications
LingoBob has translated several texts from Danish to English for us, and I think the level is high, regardless of genre. And the quality is consistent – even in the long legal texts. As LingoBob’s prices are also competitive, the choice isn't that difficult.Colas' hjemmeside
Sebra, Elna Guldberg, Packaging & Graphic Designer
At Sebra Interior, we have used LingoBob for a number of years to translate various marketing texts. These include texts for newsletters, catalogues, packaging and product texts and assembly instructions. The project managers at LingoBob are always friendly and solution-orientated. We often experience fast responses and short turnaround times. They are also very helpful in pushing a job through quickly if we have an urgent task. If there are questions about the details of the translations, we quickly work together to find the right solution. Overall, we are very satisfied with LingoBob's service.Sebras hjemmeside
Vores LingoBob-maskot tjekker, at kvaliteten er i top, mens han én efter én tjekker punkterne af på en tjekliste.

Quality guarantee

Your satisfaction is ensured by a 10 days warranty.
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Vores LingoBob-maskot slår prisen ind på "kasseapparatet" – helt enkelt uden gebyrer og med de priser, som vi skilter med på hjemmesiden.

Price guarantee

If you can get a better price, we'll match it!
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Vores LingoBob-maskot løber hurtigt og sørger for, at vi når i mål til aftalt tid uden at gå på kompromis med kvaliteten.

Urgent translation

Are you in a hurry? Contact us by phone for a fast delivery!
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Professional translations by our translation agency in Copenhagen

LingoBob is an online translation services agency and we always find the best solutions in collaboration with our clients. We always start off by discussing the specific text, what the purpose of the translation is and the deadline for the project.
This way we will quickly be able to select the suitable translators with the right qualifications for the task. At LingoBob, we can manage translations in more than 70 different languages and thus offer more than 800 different combinations.

Meet some of our clients 👇

We have many clients from all over the business world, and unfortunately we don't have room for all their logos. However, if you are looking for a translation partner and want to make sure that we have the expertise to translate your texts, we can send you a list of references from relevant clients and projects.

We translate everything from highly specialised texts such as legal translations, medical texts and technical manuals to more creative texts such as marketing material, subtitles and book translations. All our translators specialise in one or more subject areas and only translate into their native language.

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A translation agency for you

You are always guaranteed that your translations are of the highest quality since LingoBob only uses carefully selected translators from around the globe. They will ensure that your task is done in the best possible way.

LingoBob is a 100% Danish translation agency, but we always select the translator most suited to each specific task. This means that every task is solved by a translator with the target language as their native tongue. Consequently, the result is a high-quality translation, eliminating the risk of linguistic errors and you will receive a product ready for publishing.

By choosing LingoBob you will receive high-quality texts at favourable prices. 

Read more about our quality guarantee.

A translation agency with focus on specialised tasks

LingoBob offers everything from simple translations to more special enquiries focused on law, technology, medicine, IT, marketing and economy/finance. LingoBob is the obvious choice no matter the complexity of your translation and our team of native translators makes us more than capable of handling large amounts of texts.

We also offer a specialised professional service, if your task requires expertise within a specific field.

Read more about our different translation types.

Professional translation agency in Copenhagen with great prices and satisfaction guarantee

Translation: from EUR 0.15 per word

Proofreading: EUR 0.07 per word

Copywriting: EUR 115 per hour

Transcription: EUR 12 per minute

Transcription and translation:  EUR 36 per minute

Foreign language subtitling: EUR 39 per minute

Same language subtitling: EUR 19 per minute

Conversion optimisation: EUR 135 per page

Technical preparation of files:  EUR 75 per hour

Graphical set-up after translation: EUR 15 per page

Learn more about our prices here, our satisfaction guarantee here and our price guarantee here.

See examples of some of our services here

Technical translation

 Translators with industry knowledge

Focus on terminology and accuracy

 Manuals, handbooks and pamphlets

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Website translation

Magento, Shopify, Umbraco and more

Fully automated import and export

SEO and conversion optimisation

Pharmaceutical Translation

Domestic and international clients

Doctors, nurses and more

Fixed, low price from EUR 0.15/word

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Social media and marketing

Social media posts, newsletters, etc.

PR, product descriptions, flyers, etc.

Websites, subtitles and voiceovers

Legal translation

Legalisation and certification

Native translators

Satisfaction guarantee

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Translation of books

Nonfiction and fiction

A customised team

Writers, journalists and specialists

The cheapest prices on the market!

A quality focused translation agency with price guarantee

At LingoBob we guarantee that no other Danish translation agency can deliver better quality for the same favourable prices as we can.  We always offer you the best price and should you get a better offer elsewhere, we will match it. Furthermore, we strive to provide fast translations as we know that translation needs can emerge suddenly in a tight business schedule and thereby require quick work.

Read more about our price guarantee.

Get a quote

LingoBob is driven by the idea of always providing the cheapest price in the translation industry. If you get a better offer elsewhere, LingoBob will match it. Get a non-binding offer on a translation by clicking on ‘Get Quote’ in the top menu. After filling out the form, LingoBob will contact you with a concrete offer on your translation. 

It is as easy as this:

  1.       Upload your document
  2.       Choose between 70 different languages
  3.       Type in your contact information

After filling out the form, one of our project managers will contact you within 30 minutes, if the request is made within our opening hours.

Frequently asked questions

When can I expect to receive the translation?

As a rule of thumb, we translate 2,500 words (equivalent to 4-6 standard pages in Word) within 1-2 business days.

What does translation cost?
Will the layout and formatting be preserved in my text?

Yes, all formatting and layout, such as fonts and font sizes, line spacing, margins, HTML codes, placeholders and links, are preserved in the translation. Similarly, images, bullet points, etc. are placed in exactly the same position in the translation as in the source text.

If I have words or phrases I want translated in a certain way, is that possible?

Yes, we use a professional translation tool with the ability to import terms into your very own personalised term database.

Is there a charge for urgent translations?

No, however, we do have a minimum fee of EUR 40.

Can you also translate websites?

Yes, send us a link to your website at info@lingobob.dk and we’ll get back to you with a price and proposal.

Do you also translate for private individuals (marriage certificates, driving licences, CVs, etc.)?

No, unfortunately we only translate for companies, but you can contact Oversættergruppen. They specialise in these types of translations and can also help with apostille and legalisation.

Here are some of the languages we translate between:

Which translation type should you choose?

LingoBob is a translation agency capable of providing all types of translations, and we strive to find the right solution for any need. This means that there is no such thing as static prices for our translations, as the extent of each translation is strongly attached to the content we have to provide.

A translation require more than just the translation of words because it has to take cultural and linguistic nuances into account. Even the slightest mistake could change the overall meaning or understanding of your translation.

Read more about translation types.

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Are we the translation agency for you? Then request a translation quote here. It’s completely free. We support over 800 language combinations, offer next-day delivery and a fixed, low word price starting at EUR 0.15 per word.

If you have any questions about our services, capabilities or prices, you are more than welcome to contact us by phone +45 42 67 02 52 or via email info@lingobob.dk.

LingoBob won the prestigious Gazelle Prize from Børsen in 2021.

We offer both satisfaction and price guarantees because we insist on being both the best and the most affordable.

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