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Always quick delivery and no postponement of agreed deadlines.

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All of our translators has a Master's degree or similar, they are experienced translators, and translates only into their native language.


We offer extended proofreading on both your source document and the translation.

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Professional Translations by Our Translation Agency in Copenhagen

LingoBob is a transparent online translation services agency and we always find the best solutions in cooperation with our clients. We always start off by discussing the specific text, what is the purpose of the translation and when do we set the deadline. This way we will quickly be able to select the adequate translators with the right qualifications for the task.  At LingoBob, we can manage your translations in more than 70 different languages and thus offer more than 5000 different combinations.

Quality guarantee

Your satisfaction is ensured by a 10 days warranty.

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Price guarantee

If you can get a better price, we'll match it!

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Urgent translation

Are you in a hurry? Contact us by phone for a rapid delivery!

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A Translation Agency for You

You are always guaranteed that your translations are of the highest quality since LingoBob only uses carefully selected translators from around the globe. They will ensure that your task is done in the best possible way.

LingoBob is a 100% Danish translation agency, but we always select the translator that fits best for each specific task. This means that every task is solved by a translator with the target language as his/her native tongue. Consequently, the result is a high-quality translation, eliminating the risk of linguistic errors and you will receive a product ready for publishing.

By choosing LingoBob you will receive high-quality texts at favourable prices. 

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A Translation Agency with Focus on Specialised Tasks

LingoBob offers everything from simple translations to more special enquiries focused on law, technology, medicine, IT, marketing and economy/finance. LingoBob is the obvious choice no matter the complexity of your translation and our grand team of native translators makes us more than capable of handling large amounts of texts of all sorts.

We also offer a specialised professional service, if your task requires expertise within a specific field.

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A Quality Focused Translation Agency with Price Guarantee

At LingoBob we guarantee that no other Danish translation agency can deliver better quality for the same favourable prices as we can.  We always offer you the best price and should you get a better offer elsewhere, we will match it. Furthermore, we strive to provide fast translations as we know that many tasks emerge suddenly in a tight business schedule and thereby require quick attendance.

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Get a Quote

LingoBob is driven by the idea of always providing the cheapest price in the translation industry. Should you get a better offer elsewhere, LingoBob will match it. Get a non-binding offer on a translation by clicking on 'Get Quote' in the top menu. After filling out the form, LingoBob will contact you with a concrete offer on your translation. 

It is as easy as this:

  1.       Upload your document
  2.       Choose between 70 different languages
  3.       Type in your contact information

After filling out the form, one of our staff members will contact you within 30 minutes, supposing the request is made within our opening hours.

Which Translation Type Should You Choose?

LingoBob is a translation agency capable of providing all types of translations, and we strive to find the right solution for any needs. This means that there is no such thing as static prices for our translations, as the extent of each translation is strongly attached to the content we have to provide. A good translation contains more than just the translation of words because a good translation has to take cultural and linguistic nuances into account. Even the slightest mistake could change the overall meaning or comprehension of your translation.

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Translation Types

Post editing – This method consists of an advanced machine translation followed by a professional translator for revision and editing. Post editing is mostly advised as a cost-effective way of translating a great amount of text for internal use.

Post editing is a good choice for:

  •         Scientific documents
  •         Law/legal documents
  •         Large volumes of text

Professional Native Translation – Your entire text will be read through by a professional translator with the target language as his/her native tongue. This will ensure that the context, sense and meaning of your text are in safe hands and is professionally targeted to reach the audience of your target language/culture. Your text will appear original, natural and comprehensible.

Professional Native Translation is a good choice for:

  •         Homepages
  •         Marketing material
  •         Instructions/manuals

Specialised Native Translation – the best possible translation you can get. The method is used for important documents in a specific field. Your translator will not only translate to his/her native language but also have specialised knowledge on the treated subject within the targeted country or culture. With this method, you will never get lost in translation and you might even discover new possibilities for your business in cooperation with our specialised translator.

Specialised native translation is a good choice for:

  •         Legal documents
  •         Medical journals
  •         Technical manuals
  •         Contracts

Proofreading – it is always possible to include a full proofreading for all translated documents through LingoBob. The person doing your proofreading will match the skills and qualifications of the translator, so the quality of the documents stays consistent until the very last dot.


Long-term partnership with Lingobob

Do you have a continuous need of translations for your business? How about a partnership with LingoBob? Lingobob is always open for new partnerships with our customers, as this is highly beneficial for both parts. With a partnership, we can offer a much better price because we can reuse former sentences and technical terms used in your business. With a partnership, we will get to know your business, audience and values which all adds up to reach maximum quality for our cooperation and the products we can deliver.

By knowing you, our translators will be able to provide translations at a much quicker pace which is cheaper for both parts and we can easily discuss and optimize our cooperation to deliver even better material for your business.

We are flexible with our partners so please do not hesitate to contact LingoBob if you have a request or an idea. Let us discuss our mutual interests and possibilities.

For example, our partner AW-Media manages our online marketing including remarketing and linkbuilding. In exchange, we deliver translations of their material which is an important factor for their business’s international growth. Everybody wins.

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Do you have questions about our qualifications within a certain industry, about our price guarantee or anything regarding our services then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Call us: +45 70286030
Email us: info@lingobob.dk


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