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When translating texts from other languages to Danish, it is crucial that it is done correctly, as Danish is very difficult language to translate to. It could have fatal consequences should there be errors in the translated text. When companies need translations to Danish, it is important that the translator is a native speaker. Legal trials could have the wrong outcome, loss of clients and serious misunderstandings can happen in, for instance, a pharmaceutical translation where peoples’ health is on the line. That is why a translation needs to be profoundly handled considering every little detail.

The Danish Language

Denmark is a small country and the Danish language is consequently not among the most widespread of languages. Danish is quite alike other Scandinavian languages but is most closely related to Norwegian. Despite being a small country, Denmark is packed with different dialects which are geographically rooted making it fairly easy to tell where people are from.

Danish is a very old language. It is so old, that the term “Moder -Danish” rose as early as the 16th century. Modern Danish is a historic term that emphasizes a time where the language experienced a lot of changes.

Professional Translations to Danish

When translating to other languages, you need a profound understanding of both the language and culture of the concerned countries. Denmark is a country that internationally cooperates with the whole world. Whit so much trade comes a lot of communication across borders and cultures, which makes correct and precise translations absolutely necessary. Not two cultures are identical and it can often be difficult to work with and understand people from other parts of the globe. The cultural differences are especially visible in work-related situation, as there are very different views on the sense of time, context, titles and power structure. 

Danish has three unique letters in the alphabet. This further complicates learning the language as the letters have unique pronunciation-sounds attached to them as well. Especially Danish grammar is different and tricky, as there is a big difference between spoken and written Danish, making it a big challenge to translate for someone who is not a native speaker. That is why it is necessary to hire a translation agency to ensure a correct high-quality translation. 

We Translate To/From Danish

In work-related contexts, it can often be necessary to have a text translated to or from Danish. At LingoBob we have a vast network of professional translators at our disposal who have the profound knowledge of both linguistic and cultural factors that are necessary to complete a correct translation. This way we can help you with precise and highly professional translations in Danish and more than 70 other languages. LingoBob is a digital translation agency and we can offer you some of the most skilled translators in the industry. Our translators translate solely to their native language. LingoBob has chosen this model, as we know, that it is almost impossible to learn all the different linguistic and cultural nuances in something as complex as a language. 

Translation Types in Danish

LingoBob offers different types of translations. All of our translations are done by professionals, but some translation types are better than others or even legally required in certain situations:

  • Post-editing (professional machine translation)

This method uses advanced translation technology to translate larger documents. Of course, it cannot replace the discerning judgement of a human translator. That is why a competent translator follows the process and post-edit the document which is cost-efficient and time-saving. This method is mostly used to translate larger documents for internal use. 

  • Professional Native Translation

A professional translator will go through your entire text. The professional translator will translate everything with the original context and meaning strongly in mind. By using a native translator, you are guaranteed that nothing gets lost in translation. The benefits of using native speakers are that the translator has a deep cultural background and is, therefore, capable of understanding and translating even the most complicated terms and phrases in the right cultural context. Your translation will appear original, natural and comprehensible to your target audience.

  • Specialised Native Translation

This method is used when your translation needs specialised knowledge about a specific field or industry. We recommend selecting this method if your translation is of great importance. Specialised native translations are used most frequently when the complexity of the task exceeds the level of common knowledge, meaning that the translator needs significant background knowledge or even an education within the field of the desired translation. Specialised translations are most regularly used in pharmaceutical, legal, financial, educational and technical documents including manuals and patents. The advantage of this translation type is that your translator has an elevated knowledge of your industry in the targeted country or culture. Consequently, you will get a translation optimized for readers of the corresponding market with contemporary industrial tendencies taken into account throughout the translation.

  • Proofreading

It is always possible to select an additional proofreading to any translation. Four eyes are better than two, so select proofreading for a bulletproof translation. The person doing your proofreading will be on an equivalent qualification level as the translator, ensuring a high-quality text no matter the difficulty or complexity of the document.

Read more about translation types.

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