50 Awesome Facts About Languages

Oprettet 13/11-2017 af LingoBob

We are sharing this infographic prepared by UIC London.

The infographic is highlighting some interesting facts about languages around the world. Did you know that approximately 7,000 languages are spoken on Earth? Of these languages, 2,400 are classed as ‘endangered languages’ at risk of extinction.

The next language to die could very well be Ayapaneco. There are only two people who can speak it fluently, they live 500 meters apart in the village of Ayapa, Mexico. That should call for a rescue operation for them to save the last bits of their native language, the only problem is, they refuse to speak to each other.

Papa New Guinea is a fairly small Oceanian country located just above Australia. Nevertheless, the population of approximately 8 million inhabitants speak no less than 830 languages with an average of 7,000 speakers per language and accounting for 12% of the world’s total languages.

See the full collection of language-facts in the infographic below:

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