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All of our translators has a Master's degree or similar, they are experienced translators, and translates only into their native language.


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Text Translation

There are many factors to take into account when translating any kind of texts. It can be difficult to reproduce the original meaning when a text is translated and communicated in another language and culture. LingoBob offers a fully professional translation service where you do not have to worry about anything as we will translate your documents entirely optimised for the target audience.

A text cannot merely be seen as a row of words and phrases where you just translate word by word. It would not make sense for the target audience as you need a profound cultural understanding of the target language, culture and traditions. For the text to make sense when translated, it needs to be examined in a bigger and often more complex context where comprehension for the right situation is decisive for the correct deliverance of the original message.

LingoBob has a broad network of professional and authorised translators. We place high demands on our translators as we care only for the highest quality of translations.

The translators solely translate to their own native language and have profound cultural backgrounds which qualify them to translate texts so they appear completely original for the target audience. Our authorised translators are ready to assist you with everything from pharmaceutical to legal translations and we always offer the highest quality accompanied by the cheapest prices on the market.

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