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To translate technical texts, you will need a translator with great experience in the concerned area. A technical translation cannot be done by just anybody as it requires an industrial knowledge and understanding of the technical terminologies used in the context. At LingoBob we strive to deliver technical translations of the highest quality and for the best prices on the market.

That is why we offer a price guarantee on all of our translations. If you should find a better price on a translation elsewhere, LingoBob will match that price. This way you never need to compromise on neither price or quality as you can get both with us, every time. LingoBob uses an innovative technology which allows us to offer high-quality translations at low costs.



What is a Technical Translation?

A technical translation covers, as the name implies, translations regarding technical equipment, but also, numerous types of documents accompanying the product.


Technical Translation of System Descriptions

System descriptions accompany most technical devices and play an important role when people need to operate the equipment. Thus, a technical translation plays a very important role as the description often contains complicated technical terminology which requires great professional insight and language knowledge.  

Technical Translation of Instruction Manuals

Instruction manuals are made to educate users about the functions of their new product. It is important that these texts are displayed in a clear and legible language so that the instruction reflects the intended definition. A technical translation of an instruction manual will be handled by an experienced translator with the necessary technical comprehension of the concerned product, service and industry.

Technical Translation of Security Instructions

Many types of equipment come with security instructions which enable the user to operate the equipment without getting hurt. Obviously, such document needs to be translated with care for every single detail and written in a clear and legible language with no chance of misunderstandings of the content.  

Technical Translation of Product Catalogues

A product catalogue displays and describes technical equipment. It is important to use a technical translation as the content can be widely misleading. Such catalogue often contains several technical terms, which need to be translated fully correctly to avoid misunderstandings.

A product catalogue will often be distributed to a large audience so you will not be interested in an unprofessional translation as it could harm your business. That is why we always recommend you to order a technical translation when you need to translate these kinds of documents.

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