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There are certain situations where a foreign authority requires that the translation carries a certificate confirming the authenticity of the document. A certification guarantees that the translation was completed by a translator with appropriate expert knowledge about the source content and target industry. A certificate is normally needed in relation to legal documents or documents of a higher technical degree. Documents of this kind can for instance be:

  • Contracts
  • Letters of attorney
  • Testimonials
  • Export documents
  • Degree certificates or diplomas

It is important that the local authorities recognise and approves that the translator or translation agency is qualified to deliver translations of this type.

A certified translation is carried out by an authorised translator confirming the validity of the translated document with their attached endorsement, hereafter, the document needs legalisation by the local authority. LingoBob is cooperating with a huge network of authorised translators, who will ensure the necessary approval and certification.

read more about authorised translation.

Requirements for Certifications May Vary

There can be different requirements for certifications. The requirements are determined by the recipient authority of the documents. Ordinarily, it is sufficient if the document carries an endorsement from the translation agency/translator and an authority within the concerned field before it can be legalised by the issuing organ.

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It is always recommended contacting the concerned embassy for information about the requirements, as rules and procedures vary from country to country.


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