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Authorised Translations in More Than 70 Languages

LingoBob offers authorised translations and we ensure you that all translations are done by native speaking professionals. You can comfortably rely on our services and that your translation will be delivered correctly and by top quality standards.

We manage authorised translations in more than 70 languages, so LingoBob is the right place to go if you want to reach a global audience. If you need a document translated into German, we will, of course, select a German for the task. Only a native translator with an inherited understanding of the language and culture would be able to provide an authorised translation.

Authorised translations are legally binding documents having the same legal weight as the original source. The translations are authenticated with an authorised translator’s stamp, signature as well as a sworn statement that the translation is strictly accurate. An authorised translation is usually more expensive than regular translations due to the specialised qualifications needed to translate legal and official documents.

 What documents requires an authorised translation?

When translating official documents for use in a foreign country you will need an authorised translation. Documents that fit in this category are marriage certificates, divorce decrees, wills, diplomas, criminal records and other legal documents that are to be used in an official context. You will receive an exact translation of your document. The authorised translator is bound by the duty of secrecy, so all information is treated with absolute confidence. The authorised translator has sworn before a judge to honour this compromise and that the translation is a complete and exact reproduction of the original document.

Additionally, the document needs a legalisation before it is recognised for official use abroad. Please read more about this on our Apostille Translation page

LingoBob strongly recommend making contact your local authorities responsible for issuing legalisations, as each country may have specific rules and procedures concerning legalisation of documents.


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