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LingoBob is a strong choice if you need Swedish translations. We are a digital translation agency and we have professional translators located all over the world. Our digital platform gives us access to some of the best translators in the industry who can provide top-quality translations no matter the complexity of your documents.

Professional Translation Agency

Denmark is a small but prosperous country in Scandinavia. This prosperity is, largely speaking, created by our ability to innovate and export our ideas to other countries. But we are not self-sufficient so we rely on import as well.

Sweden is Denmark’s second largest partner regarding import and export, so the collaboration is important for the two neighbouring countries. Sweden accounts for 13-15% of the total Danish export and this number is expected to grow in the future.

This tendency has resulted in an increased need for translators of both languages as the collaboration between Danish and Swedish companies are increasing.

Because of the similarities of Danish and Swedish, many people believe that they can compose a solid translation on their own. This is sometimes possible, but the majority will fail, as there are so many grammatic aspects, cultural proverbs and linguistic nuances that have a very specific cultural meaning. These cultural differences are very hard to acquire if you are not native. This could potentially cause problems and incorrect translations which will make the document look sloppy and unprofessional.

A partial cultural understanding and a few grammatic errors might not mean the world for private individuals, but for a company, sloppy translations could have devastating consequences. Especially for companies with sensitive subjects such as medical texts, where clear communication is critically important as misunderstandings can have serious consequences for peoples’ well-being.

This is where a partner like LingoBob is indispensable. Our vast network of competent translators can cheaply and quickly help you with any translation type, no matter the industry and complexity of the documents.

Read more about our quality guarantee.

Translation Types

Post-editing (professional machine translation)

This method uses advanced translation technology to translate larger documents. Of course, it cannot replace the judgement of a human translator. That is why a competent translator checks the process and post-edits the document which is cost-efficient and time-saving. This method is mostly used to translate larger documents for internal use.

Professional Native Translation

A professional translator will go through your entire text. The professional translator will translate everything with the original context and meaning strongly in mind. By using a native translator, you are guaranteed that nothing gets lost in translation. The benefits of using native speakers are that the translator has a deep cultural understanding and is capable of understanding and translating even the most complicated terms and phrases in the right cultural context. Your translation will appear original, natural and accessible to your target audience.

Specialised Native Translation

This method is used when your translation needs specialised knowledge about a specific field or industry. We recommend selecting this method if your translation is of great importance. Specialised native translations are used most frequently when the complexity of the task exceeds the level of common knowledge, meaning that the translator needs significant background knowledge or even an education within the field of the desired translation. Specialised translations are most regularly used in medical, legal, financial, educational and technical documents including manuals and patents. The advantage of this translation type is that your translator has an elevated knowledge of your industry in the targeted country or culture. Consequently, you will get a translation optimized for readers of the corresponding market with contemporary industrial tendencies taken into account throughout the translation.


It is always possible to select an additional proofreading to any translation. Four eyes are better than two, so select proofreading for a bulletproof translation. The person doing your proofreading will be on an equivalent qualification level as the translator, ensuring a high-quality text no matter the difficulty or complexity of the document.

Spreading the Swedish Word

Swedish is, of course, the official language of Sweden and is spoken there by approximately 9 million people, while nearly 300.000 people speak the language in Finland where it is the second official language besides Finnish. Additionally, Swedish is spoken on the self-contained islands of Åland where approximately 26.000 people reside.

Swedish Translation with Quality Guarantee

We are always updating and scanning the market so that we can continue to offer the cheapest prices on translations. Should you get a better offer by another translation agency, we guarantee that we will match that price.


LingoBob is driven by the idea of always providing the cheapest price in the translation industry. If you get a better offer elsewhere, LingoBob will match it. Get a non-binding offer on a translation by clicking on ‘Get Quote’ in the top menu. After filling out the form, LingoBob will contact you with a concrete offer on your translation.

Read more about translation types.

If you have any questions or requests for LingoBob, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to help you.

LingoBob won the prestigious Gazelle Prize from Børsen in 2021.

We offer both satisfaction and price guarantees because we insist on being both the best and the most affordable.

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