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A good translation agency can translate to many languages. The best translation agencies can translate almost any language in the world without compromising on quality. At LingoBob, our goal is to be the best Danish translation agency, which is why we have created an agency able to translate to and from more than 70 languages. The languages we offer include some of the world’s most spoken languages such as Russian, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese etc. but we also offer a broad number of translations of less common languages. Especially in Asia and Africa, there are many dialects and variations of languages which makes it more difficult to work with and find qualified translators, nevertheless, LingoBob can handle the majority.

We offer translations to and from all 70 languages. There are no combinations we cannot offer, in fact, we offer more than 5.000 language combinations which ensures you and your company that we are more than capable to handle your order.

The Best Translators on The Market

We strive to be your preferred translation agency, which is why we have created an agency that can offer the best prices on the market no matter the delivery time and complexity of your document.
LingoBob has created a vast network of the best translators in the world who are always ready to handle your order in the best possible way. At LingoBob we place high demands on our translators. Therefore, we have a number of procedures dictating how our translators should handle each translation so that all of our high demands are met.

You are guaranteed that your document is handled only by translators who have the concerned target language as their native. This procedure secures that even difficult terminology will be translated correctly, keeping the original essence of the source document. One of the advantages of using native speaking translators is that you are guaranteed a clear and legible text which will appear as an original document.    

Transparency in The Translation Industry

At LingoBob, we have made it one of our goals to be the first translation agency with full transparency throughout our entire organisation. We believe that the industry has been far too obscure, resulting in a loss of credibility in the translation industry. You can find several examples of customers who have received a translation at a quality far below than agreed upon, or getting extra charges on their order without any prior warning or logical explanation. The lack of transparency has resulted in a loss of potential customers, as they have become more cautious when ordering translations.

LingoBob is a new and unique translation agency. The foundation in our organisation is built on transparency, which makes us stand out from the traditional way to run a translation agency. When ordering a translation from us, you can be absolutely certain that you will not receive extra charges nor experience anything that is not already agreed upon. We will deliver your translation within the deadline. Pricing and quality will never be an issue.  

It is our wish to re-establish credibility in the translation industry. With us, there is total transparency, our clients know exactly what they get, when they get it and how much they pay for it.

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